When you work for the Government in Manhattan, you’re definitely not in Washington anymore!

The beautiful year-round scenery of the Manhattan, Kansas, area welcomes thousands of federal and local government authorities. The recent additions of two vitally important government projects are welcome assets to the area.

Manhattan KS

Manhattan Kansas

Kansas State University (KSU) is known for its major advancements in science and technology. For example, it is home to the Biosecurity Research Institute (BRI), a secure laboratory where the study of high-consequence pathogens can be studied in complete safety. It is designed for Bio Safety Level-3 research, with space available for selected commercial projects by application.

The construction of the BRI in 2006 was a definite asset in the selection of Kansas State University-Manhattan as the future site of the $1.25 Billion National Bio and AgroDefense Facility.  The NBAF site selection was announced in January 2009, and construction is underway.  With completion scheduled for 2020 and certification by 2022, the NBAF will offer more than a half-million square feet of BL-4 research space for senior scientists dedicated to the Bio Security Level-4 (BSL-4) of our nation’s food supply and animal health.

With many government and defense contractors working and living in the area, the Flint Hills Regional Council plays an important role in coordinating, communicating and providing leadership and technical support to all government and civic sectors.

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